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Princesses have been loved and admired throughout the ages.
Sailor Pen is releasing a collection of fountain pens with designs inspired by princesses from Japanese fairytales.
They are truly unique fountain pens featuring iconic motifs and colors from each fairytale, intricately expressed with beautiful mother-of-pearl and “yubi maki-e” on the barrels and caps.

Princess Uguisu:Princess Uguisu is a bush warbler, living disguised in human form.
One day, she receives a young visitor and asks him not to open the chest of drawers,
but curiosity tempts him to take a peek. With the promise broken,
she says she must leave, and she flies off in her avian form.

Princess Ochikubo:Princess Ochikubo lived with a wicked stepmother and mean stepsisters,
having only a handmaiden on her side.
The kind handmaiden arranges for the princess to meet a major general,
and they fall deeply in love. The couple marry and live happily ever after.

Princess Shirotae:Once there lived a giant white carp, larger than a human being,
and it would always disappear mysteriously from the marsh at the end of iris season.
The carp was actually Princess Shirotae,
who had thrown herself into the marsh after failing to avenge her father’s death.

Princess Koto:A fallen Heike clan princess was washed ashore and saved by seaside villagers.
To thank them, she played a “koto” harp beautifully each day on the beach,
but soon fell ill and passed away. Ever since, the beach sand became musical sand,
and the beach was named “Beach of Koto”.

Item Code
[Princess Uguisu]
10-3506-260(F), 10-3506-360(MF), 10-3506-460(M)

[Princess Ochikubo]
10-3506-244(F), 10-3506-344(MF), 10-3506-444(M)

[Princess Shirotae]
10-3507-210(F), 10-3507-310(MF), 10-3507-410(M)

[Princess Koto]
10-3507-241(F), 10-3507-341(MF), 10-3507-441(M)
[Princess Uguisu]
49-01680-17260-4(F), 49-01680-17261-1(MF), 49-01680-17262-8(M)

[Princess Ochikubo]
49-01680-17263-5(F), 49-01680-17264-2(MF), 49-01680-17265-9(M)

[Princess Shirotae]
49-01680-17266-6(F),49-01680-17268-0(MF), 49-01680-17269-7(M)

[Princess Koto]
49-01680-17270-3(F), 49-01680-17271-0(MF), 49-01680-17272-7(M)
14K Gold (Princess Uguisu and Princess Ochikubo)
14K Gold with Rhodium Plating (Princess Shirotae and Princess Koto)
Converter & Cartridge type
PMMA Resin with yubi maki-e and raden
Metal Parts: Gold IP (Princess Uguisu and Princess Ochikubo)
            Silver (Princess Shirotae and Princess Koto)
Package Size: W180 x D117 x H40mm
Original Gift Box
1 Princess Raden Fountain Pen
1 Shikiori Ink 20ml
1 Converter

There may be glue sticking out of the raden parts, but please note that this is a coating to protect the raden from coating off.

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