Seasonal Festivals Series


Five seasonal Japanese Festivals

April 2022



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Celebrated at the turn of the Seasons, these special events have been adapted to the Japanese culture with ceremonies unique to each.

Jan. 7th: A wish for good health.

Mar. 3rd:A celebration of the growth and health of girls.

May. 5th:A celebration of the growth and health of boys.

Jul. 7th:A wish for dreams to come ture.

Sep. 9th:A celebration of long life.

The fountain pens are beautifully presented in a customized gift package with a matching colored ink.

Item Code
[Seri Set]
10-8688-260(F), -360(MF), -460(M)

[Momo Set]
10-8688-231(F), -331(MF), -431(M)

[Koi Set]
10-8688-244(F), -344(MF), -444(M)

[Sasa Set]
10-8688-246(F), -346(MF), -446(M)

[Kiku Set]
10-8688-273(F), -373(MF), -473(M)
14K Gold with Gold Plating
Converter & Cartridge type
PMMA Resin
Metal Parts: Gold IP
Special Limited Edition
Package Size: W180 x D117 x H 40mm
1 Seasonal Festivals Fountain Pen
1 Shikiori Ink 20ml
1 Converter

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