Sakata Kyugoro 140th Anniversary
Commemorative Edo Metal Sculpture Fountain Pen -Choju-giga-



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A special fountain pen crafted to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the birth of Sailor Pen’s founder, Kyugoro Sakata.
The exquisite metalwork showcased in this fountain pen is by Morihito Katsura, an Important Intangible Cultural Heritage (Living National Treasure) ofmetalwork art.
The design motifs are inspired by “Choju-giga”, an ancient Japanese masterpiece of scroll paintings that depict caricatures of birds and beasts.

Important Intangible Cultural Heritage (Living National Treasure) of Metalwork Art
Morihito Katsura
Basic metalwork techniques used in the sword fittings of Japanese Katana such as Menuki (ornament), Kozuka (small knife) and Kogai (hair pick), as well as contemporary metal parts for Obi tie (Kimono belt) were passed down to him from his father.
He mastered skills in sculpting, carving reliefs, embossing and inlaying of various kinds.
His works feature motifs of animals, insects, plants and geometric designs.
He has produced exceptional works to the extent of being appointed as a purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency, validating the extraordinary artistic merit and recognition accorded to his craftsmanship.

World Heritage of Togano-osan Belonging to Kosanji Temple
National Treasure Choju-giga
Choju-giga was created from late Heian Era to Kamakura Era, and is considered Japan’s oldest work of Manga (comics).
In ancient times, creatures depicted in Choju-giga- frogs, rabbits and monkeys - were considered messengers of god. Therefore, the portrayal of these creatures frolicking about happily, was celebrated as being auspicious.
Various theories exist regarding the mysterious Choju-giga, but as the masterpiece is considered auspicious, we chose to feature motifs from Choju-giga in crafting fountain pens commemorating the 140th anniversary of our founder’s birth.

Item Code
21K Gold Large / Bicolor finish / Nib Grade: B
Converter & Cartridge type
Cap, Barrel: Sterling silver / Katakiribori (uneven V-shaped engraving)
Gripping Section: Brass / Rhodium plating
Exclusive Wooden Box
Accessories:Exclusive Wooden Box, Pen Stand, Pen Holder, Ink Bottle Tray, Pen Tray, Product Leaflet, Product Manual, Cloth Pouch, Cleaning Cloth, Original Ink ‒ Blue Dawn, Ink Cartridge

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