MANYO INK Dual Shading 20ml x 4 colors / Box

March 2023
Limited Period ONLY

Oversea Exclusive Inks



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Out of 20 colors of 50ml dye-based MANYO INK, Sailor Pen has selected 8 colors that have a dual shading effect, and made them into 20ml assorted sets.

* Manyo ink 20ml bottle are available for limited period only.

Note: the samples of the ink colors on this page is to show the general image of the colors.
Due to the characteristics of the ink, the color will change.
Item Code
13-4510-001 Manyo Ink Dual Shading Set 1: Haha, Nekoyanagi, Sakura, Nadeshiko
13-4510-002 Manyo Ink Dual Shading Set 2: Ayame, Hinoki, Fuji, Koke
Water-based dye ink, 20ml x 4

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