CYLINT Patina Ballpoint Pen

Fountain pen and ballpoint pen with a metal body, decorated on the surface with a special metal coloring technology. The CYLINT Series writing instruments are perfect for daily use.

Origin of the Name CYLINT:CYLINT = Cylinder + Intelligent



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Characteristics of Brown Patina
Brown patina (Hanmon-Kujyaku) is applied leveraging the characteristics of brass. Being handcrafted, patterns and color shades on the surface are unique, differing from piece to piece. The appearance and texture of your CYLINT Patina pen will change over time, becoming even better with age. Cherish the change in depth of expression as you continue to delight in the writing experience with your piece for years to come.

Cautions on Maintenance and Handling
When you feel the need to clean your CYLINT Patina pen, wipe gently with a damp cloth that has been wrung out well, then wipe again with a dry cloth, and always store in a dried state. Any residual moisture may cause the piece to corrode/become tarnished. Make sure not to get organic solvents such as alcohol or vinegar on the piece, as it may cause tarnishing. Any surface scratches caused by friction, etc. may lead to oxidation, promoting patina growth, corrosion or tarnishing. It is the nature of brass to change color over time and this change is a trait to be cherished. Therefore, returns/exchanges are not accepted for reasons such as patina growth, corrosion or tarnishing.

Item Code
Twist Type
Cap / Barrel: Brass / Metal coloring (Hanmon-Kujaku)
Refill Color: Black Oil-based
Ball Diameter: 0.7mm
Size: Φ15.5×138.2mm (including the clip)
PG-3 [99-1339-000]

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