Kirikane Fountain Pen series

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This fountain pen is made with 'Kirigane' a technique using real gold leaf.

◆Whta is Kirikane?
Kirikane was introduced to Japan in the 6th century through Buddhism. It is a traditional Japanese technique using gold, silver or platinum leaf, which is then cut into thin strips and applied as patterns using a brush and special glue(Nikawa)
It was developed as a technique for Buddhist art decoration (statues and paintings), and it is now used in Japan, mainly in Kyoto to decorate special art and craft materials.

Asaba (hemp leaf)
Asaba (hemp leaf) is a hexagonal geometric pattern that has been used to decorate Buddhist statues since the Heian period.
The fast-growing hemp leaf can reach 4 meters in 4 months and signifies the healthy growth of children.
This pattern is also used to ward off evil.

Item Code
10-2048-128 (EF)
10-2048-228 (F)
10-2048-328 (MF)
10-2048-428 (M)
10-2048-628 (B)
10-2048-728 (Z)
10-2048-928 (MS)
21K Gold, Large
Converter & Cartridge type
Gripping section: PMMA resin
Metal parts: Gold-plated finish (some parts are Gold IP finish)
Size: Φ19.6×164mm (including the roll stop)
Weight: 42.6g
Package: Exclusive package
Package Weight: 421.5g
Exclusive package (made of chestnut wood, with nagurime texture)

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