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Wagashi is one of the Japanese traditional sweets.
Wagashi has changed and developed throughout Japanese long history, and it reflects the life of Japanese people in many ways.
Japanese people enjoy eating seasonal wagashi.

Sakuramochi:Mochi ( rice cake ) covered with a salted Sakura leaf.

Set Ink:SHIKIORI Miruai

Nerikiri:Nerikiri is an artistic sweet made by mixing shiro-an ( white bean pasete ) with gyuhi ( made of rice flour ).
This time, the image is of a Nerikiri in the shape of a camellia.

Set Ink:SHIKIORI Okuyama

Kohakuto:A semi-dried Agar Jelly sweet. It seems like a jewel.

Set Ink:SHIKIORI Souten

Manju:A stemed bun with a red-jam fitting.

Set Ink:SHIKIORI Doyou

Tsukimi Dango:Round dumpfings eaten with viewing the moon.

Set Ink:SHIKIORI Yonaga

Item Code
[Sakuramochi Set]
10-2705-260(F), 10-2705-360(MF), 10-2705-460(M)

[Nerikiri Set]
10-2705-230(F), 10-2705-330(MF), 10-2705-430(M)

[Kohakuto Set]
10-2705-250(F), 10-2705-350(MF), 10-2705-450(M)

[Manju Set]
10-2705-280(F), 10-2705-380(MF), 10-2705-480(M)

[Tsukimi Dango Set]
10-2705-244(F), 10-2705-344(MF), 10-2705-444(M)
[ Sakuramochi Set ]
49-01680-17548-3(F), 49-01680-17549-0(MF), 49-01680-17550-6(M)

[ Nerikiri Set ]
49-01680-17551-3(F), 49-01680-17552-0(MF), 49-01680-17553-7(M)

[ Kohakuto Set]
49-01680-17554-4(F), 49-01680-17555-1(MF), 49-01680-17556-8(M)

[ Manju Set ]
49-01680-17557-5(F), 49-01680-17558-2(MF), 49-01680-17559-9(M)

[ Tsukimi Dango Set ]
49-01680-17560-5(F), 49-01680-17561-2(MF), 49-01680-17562-9(M)
14K Gold
Converter & Cartridge type
PMMA Resin
Metal Parts: Gold IP
Special Limited Edition
1 Japanese Sweets Fountain Pen
1 Shikiori Ink 20ml
1 Converter

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