PG Slim: Manyo Fountain Pen

‘Special Edition’

Overseas Exclusive Pens and Inks

July 2022



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A Fountain Pen edition of the 'SAILOR MANYO INK' is now available. (Assorted Set Only)
The fountain pen follows the colors of two Manyo inks with a unique conbination and an exclusive cap top design.
The special set includes the fountain pen and the Manyo Ink in the same color.

Item Code
[Cherry Blossoms]
10-8076-231(F), -331(MF), -431(M)
Manyo Ink Sakura 50ml

10-8077-280(F), -380(MF), -480(M)
Manyo Ink Shirakashi 50ml

10-8078-250(F), -350(MF), -450(M)
Manyo Ink Nekoyanagi 50ml

10-8079-251(F), -351(MF), -451(M)
Manyo Ink Nadeshiko 50ml

10-8088-244(F), -344(MF), -444(M)
Manyo Ink Yomogi 50ml
14K Gold with Gold Plating (Cherry Blossoms and Nuts)
14K Gold with Rhodium plating (Willows, Dianthus and Plum)
Converter & Cartridge type
PMMA Resin
Special Limited Edition
Package Size: W180 x D117 x H 40mm
1 Manyo Fountain Pen
1 Manyo Ink 50ml
1 Converter
The marking on the nib for the actual product will have the new Sailor Logo.

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