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Exclusive for Sailor International Markets!

PG Slim ‘Manyo’

A Fountain Pen edition of the ‘SAILOR MANYO INK’ is now available (Assorted sets only).

The fountain pen follows the colors of two Manyo Inks with a unique combination and an exlusive cap top design.

This special set includes the fountain pen and the Manyo Ink in the same color.

Model name: Professionalgear Manyo Fountain Pen
Contents: 1 Manyo Fountain Pen, 1 Manyo Ink 50ml, 1 Converter
Item code: PG Slim (14k): 10-8076, 10-8077, 10-8078, 10-8079, 10-8080
Filling system: Cartridge & Converter type
Material: PMMA Resin

The marking on the nib for the actual product will have the new Sailor Logo.