The King of Pens “Battle of Itsukushima”

Model Name: The King of Pens “Battle of Itsukushima”
Item code: 10-9762-420 (M), -620 (B)
Materials: Ebonite
Filling System: Converter & Cartridge type
Nib selection: M, B Bicolor 21K Gold with Gold, Rhodium plating
Limited Edition: 33 pieces worldwide

Fought in October 1555 between Motonari Mori and Harukata Sue (two famous Samurai warlords) in Itsukushima in Aki province (now Hiroshima prefecture).
This famous battle of Itsukushima is renowned as one of the “Great surprise battles” as Mori’s army of 4,000 troops defeated Sue’s army of 20,000!

A special 33 pieces Limited edition Maki-e Fountain pen
-By famous Urushi artist – Ikki Moroike

-Lacquered gift box with maki-e design and decorations
-Ink bottle (Manyo ink ‘CHIGAYA’, 50ml)
-Ink cartridge (Black)
-Converter (installed)
-Pen pouch
-Cleaning Cloth
-Serial number certificate
-Leaflets containing information of the artist, the Samurai series and the Battle of Itsukushima