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Japan’s Gifts to G7 Leaders at Hiroshima Summit, Sailor Pen “Iro-Miyabi” 21K Fountain Pen

The Sailor Pen Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that Traditional lacquer art “Iro-Miyabi” fountain pens were presented to the heads of G7 countries and international organizations at the G7 Hiroshima Summit held at Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture from May 19 to May 21, 2023.

About ”Iro-Miyabi” series

Traditional Lacquer “Iro-Miyabi” is a fountain pen that expresses the traditional Japanese “Iro” (color) and “Miyabi” (elegance) in colored lacquer.

The surface of the lacquer is uneven like the skin of a stone, and the lacquer is applied and polished several times.

The barrel is made of ebonite, and with Sailor’s proud, King Of Pen size 21k gold nib is used, which gives the pen a light and soft writing feel with a sense of solidity. Also, the nib of this gift pen is specially designed with the first name or initials of each G7 Leaders engraved by laser.

For 4 consecutive years PEN World, an American magazine with global influence, awarded Sailor 21k and 14K Gold nibs with the Pen World Reader’s Choice award for Best Writing Experience“.

We will continue to pursue fountain pens that are comfortable to write with, which is one of our strengths, while offering high value-added products that incorporate traditional Japanese craftsmanship to the world. We will continue to pursue fountain pens that are comfortable to write with.