Sailor Ink Studio

Introduction to the Ink Blend workshop that we are hosting.

Event Overview

How about creating your own custom ink?

The writing experience of a fountain pen is, of course, a key factor, but choosing the ink to pair with the pen is also one of the enjoyable aspects.

In this event, we will blend fountain pen inks to create your preferred color.

The pleasure lies in various aspects such as the immediate color after writing, the changing hues as the ink permeates the paper, and the combination with subtly colored paper. There are numerous ways to enjoy the experience.

The process until your custom ink is ready.

1.Color Mixing Confirmation
We will confirm the color you want to tint using a basic mixing sheet, smartphone images, or actual products.
In some cases, we may only interact with abstract words.

2.Color Mixing
Based on the image you have provided, the ink blender will adjust and match the colors.

3.Color confirmation
If there is a difference from the desired color image, please feel free to let us know.
Providing guidance such as ‘I would like it to be a bit redder’ or ‘I want it to be more vibrant’ helps us make adjustments to get closer to the color you want from the current shade.

4.Create a 50ml bottle of ink
Once the color is finalized, we will produce an ink batch in a quantity of one bottle (50ml).

5.Naming and labeling the ink

Your unique custom ink is now complete.


We can only accept repeat orders at Sailor Shops within Japan.Reordering of the original ink created at the overseas-held ink blending event is not allowed.

Blender Original Ink by Takahashi

As an exclusive event product at Sailor Ink Studio, we also offer original inks crafted by our ink blender, Takahashi.
When you visit the event, be sure to check them out!