Fountain Pen ABC

Fountain Pen Maintenance Kit

Introducing a convenient set to support the maintenance of fountain pens, often perceived as a time-consuming task.

This set includes two dedicated nozzles (cleaning nozzle and ink suction nozzle) for the cleaning device main unit, along with an empty cartridge tube.

With the ability to interchange nozzles, you can use it in three different ways.

When you attach the dedicated cleaning nozzle for Sailor fountain pens to the cleaning device main unit, it becomes easy to perform a thorough cleaning of the pen nib.

The ink suction nozzle allows you to efficiently use the last remnants of your favorite bottle ink without any waste.

Furthermore, by filling the empty cartridge tube with your preferred ink from a bottle, it can be used as a cartridge type.

Complete with a plastic case that accommodates all the set components, it is both water-resistant and convenient for portability. You can confidently use it as the manufacturer’s genuine maintenance support tool.