Specification Change (Material Change) for Lacquer Products


We would like to inform you of a specification change for our lacquer products that we manufacture and sell.

For certain lacquer products that have utilized ebony wood as the base material for the lacquer coating, we will be making a change to domestically sourced ebonite material starting from the upcoming production and sales batches. This change is aimed at resolving the instability in the supply of natural materials, ensuring a more stable supply of high-quality products to our customers.

Ebonite is known as the world’s oldest synthetic resin, derived from natural rubber. It is a hard, glossy, dark brown rubber that resembles ebony, hence its name. This material is renowned for its superior ink corrosion resistance, robustness with minimal deviation, and is considered an optimal choice for fountain pen bodies. It is a highly popular material that, with each use, provides a comfortable, increasingly familiar feel.

We appreciate your understanding regarding any inconvenience caused by the simultaneous presence of old and new products for a brief period.

Products for specification change