Sailor offers an impressive range of nib grades to cater for the individual needs, preferences and writing style of each user.

The Standard Nib Range

A variety of choices with different nib widths available in both 14K and 21K:

Professional Gear Series Nibs

The Professional Gear Series products have a special two-tone nib as shown below. Some models with rhodium accents are fitted with the single tone version on the right.

King of Pens’ Nibs

The King of Pens has a larger oversized 21K nib which is available in M and B.
This nib is fitted in all King of Pens models: Urushi, Ebonite and Resin versions as well as King Professional Gear and maki-e limited editions.
The plating aesthetic varies depending on the model and exists in both gold and rhodium trim, single tone and two-tone.

SPECIAL NIBS – Naginata Series

It is said that with a treasured fountain pen, the writer assumes an air of accomplishment as they practice the art of fine handwriting. As one writes, one expresses his innermost thoughts and passions to the world. A pen in the hand becomes an extension of the body and soul. Writing with a fountain pen is a romantic link to our past culture that allows a personal expression that cannot be emulated by today’s sterile forms of communication. Rising above the times a fountain pen will stay, and forever remain, the purest means of self-expression.

Fine pen nibs can only be produced by professionally skilled craftsman who painstakingly produce them one by one…

First, gold and other precious metals are melted and rolled into a plate. It is then crafted into shape and iridium-tipping material is carefully applied to the pen nib. The tipping material applied begins to determine the nib width. Refinement and polishing is then needed to prepare it for the next step…

At this stage the perfect ink flow and nib elasticity is determined. With careful precision, the nib is severed along an exact vertical line. This process insures correct air flow and flexibility unique to each Sailor nib.

Finally, the top of the nib and the writing surface are meticulously polished and tuned to ensure the smoothest writing experience possible. Now, the nib is truly born into a life of its own; conceived, crafted, refined and presented to you to complete its journey…