Mastering the art of functional beauty to create an instrument that stimulates one’s senses.

There are many who choose a Sailor Pen over the countless other brands of writing instruments available.

Determined to meet our customers’ needs, we continue to push our craftsmanship to the limits.

Our goal is to make our customers happy.

To do so, we come up with imaginative and playful ideas, propelling us to pursue even more functionality.

Staying true to the origins of the name “Sailor”, we join forces as sailors do to take on the open sea.

No matter how hard the road may be, we shall sail forward to “do what nobody has done before.”

That is our craftsmanship.

 “Be a pioneer of the culture of handwriting, while continuing to be uncompromising with your writing.”

This is the commitment we have always lived by and it reaches deep into the techniques we employ,

and every minute detail that brings out the true beauty of a Sailor Fountain Pen

To take your breath away, our breaths must also be taken.

We believe that anyone that holds a Sailor Fountain Pen will see the beauty within its functionality,

and find joy in expressing themselves with our product.

Fill your heart with the music of the pen moving across the paper and let your creativity run free.

Discover a renewed sense in writing.

After 100 years of creating instruments that stimulate your senses,

our passion for craftsmanship and the thrill of new challenges continues to grow.

Believing that we have the power to advance boldly is the only way to carve our path into the future.