【Important Notice】: Change of Fountain Pen Nib Character Width Indication and New Logo Marking

Thank you very much for using our products.

The character width markings on the left side of our fountain pen nibs and the logo markings on the front of the nibs are being changed. There might be the mixing of the new and old markings for a certain period. We appreciate your understanding.

◆Font Width Marking: Changed sequentially from September 2021 production

The nibs of our fountain pens are marked with a character width indicator on the left side of the nib.

◆New Logo Marking: Changed sequentially from January 2022 production.

As we have established a new corporate identity (CI) from October 2020, we have renewed the logo mark that serves as the brand visual. Some of our products have already been manufactured with the new logo. Yet, we will gradually change existing products as follows starting from January 2022 production.

There will be no change in the quality and performance of the nib itself due to the change to the character width indication and the new logo specifications.

Thank you for your continuous support.